we pour, and we are poured


Hello friends, it has been many many months since I last wrote this thing.

For a while, I contemplated how I felt about Substack itself, what with its generous packages for questionable opinion bros, but here I am still, in the meantime.

Today I examine a few 撒X words, which refer to an impressive range of things you can issue forth into the world:

撒 (release) 尿 (urine) - to pee

撒 (release) 娇 (girlish charm) - to act spoiled

撒 (release) 野 (wild) - to behave in an unrestrained, unbecoming, or destructive manner

撒 (release) 欢 (joy) - to excitedly frolic

撒 (release) 谎 (falsehood) - to lie

With these words we are made containers that hold many things, urine, joy, charm, lies, destructive forces, and in 撒 (to cast, to let go, to spread, to spray etc.) we have the agency to either hold back, or to release.

Or perhaps we are but vessels for the multitudes that we contain, waiting for our lids to be unscrewed by some larger force, so that what’s within may be brought forth?

That’s not a real question, by the way.

The characters themselves cannot answer these questions, because ultimately it’s context that informs whether we pour, or be poured, and 撒 accommodates both those interpretations just fine, whatever you mean to say.

— Frankie

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